Thursday, April 30, 2009

Best sites for freelance writers online

1. Suite101: a website that offers to pay you an amount proportionate to the level of popularity for your article. Many freelance writing websites stress the importance of generating quality articles in exchange for greater incomes, but frankly speaking, it is impossible to earn much working from home. It is claimed that some top writers manage to earn a total of $1000 per month, but it is doubtful that you would be guaranteed that high an amount even if you are able to produce an article of some quality. The maximum you can get is just $50, if you manage to get close to that.

2. Before you totally write off freelance writing as an outlet to earn extra income for yourself, consider Writermag, it pays a generous sum of $50 per article, provided you succeed at negotiating for it. You need to have relevant expertise and knowledge in the area you are writing about. The website accepts articles ranging from those that instruct readers on specific topics like gardening, education and women's issues to travel and book reviews. They might consider personal essays, but not fiction or poetry as they do not have wide appeal. Have a target audience in mind before sending your queries and submissions to the editors.

3. Lonelyplanet is constantly on the look-out for travel writers with experience and a good command of one or more foreign languages, depending on the area of your expertise. All you need to do is to offer advice to travellers who are keen on the destinations you are familiar with. The best thing about the job is that you can "travel and earn a living at the same time". However, you need to have the passion in order to achieve success as a travel writer. The best way to get yourself acquainted with the language, culture, literature and history of the country you are stationed in is through interacting with the locals in the country, people of all ages, gender and social backgrounds, it is the most effective way to gain a privileged insight into the lives of the people and to experience the culture for yourself.

4. Howtodothings - Get paid for your contributions to the website. Again, it's an avenue for you to write about almost everything you can think of and earn something out of your creativity. If you have some ideas about how to do certain things that people are willing and eager to learn from, then proceed to share with them. You might get to earn some extra cash for your writing effort.

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