Saturday, September 8, 2012

How to earn money from blogging

We all know that there are many prominent bloggers out there who could rake in thousands of dollars each month just by writing about the intimate and personal details about their lives. Some of them could even bank on their popularity to win deals and endorsements amounting to millions of dollars. So how did they manage to achieve that? To some of us, it appears to be a mean feat, but it is actually pretty simple.

Always try to include some shocking and attention-grabbing antics that are bound to get people interested. This is probably going to bring in a steady stream of visitors to your site as it will make them look forward to what is in store for them next.  You might even be able to build a reputation for yourself as “the queen of shock” or things like that. In other words, develop your own tone, personality and style, preferably one that is so distinct and unique that others will find it hard to follow.

If you don’t mind writing about juicy gossip and sensational details about your private life, people won’t mind reading it, but of course, do it only when you feel comfortable about opening up and sharing matters that may be personal to you. Some bloggers indulge in self-revelation of scandals that they are embroiled in and have no qualms bragging about their association with certain celebrities. Sometimes, these techniques work to their advantage, and they managed to turn themselves into mini celebs. There is, of course, a price to be paid, for willingly placing your life under the scrutiny of others. You might attract unwanted attention from stalkers. But the main reason why blogs are so popular is because it appeals to the inner voyeur in all of us. It is somehow strange that human beings derive pleasure and satisfaction from peeking into others’ private lives, but you can always rely on this factor to bring in extra income for yourself.

Dabble with controversial stuff. Sometimes this involves making harsh and critical comments about others that will alert people to your website. Like all introductions to an essay, you need to provide a “hook”, and the controversial stuff that you bring into your blog is what fascinates your readers and encourages them to read on. It is a strange kind of motivation, but it is true. One way to do it is to make some very immature and insensible comments about someone famous, but be careful not to get yourself into some legal trouble, just go along the lines of gently mocking or making fun of a group of people you know will get slightly offended. You might run into danger of going against the sentiments of the general crowd out there, but you will get lots of exposure for your blog as it increases people’s curiosity, making them wonder what exactly is going on. This is an excellent way to generate publicity for your blog. In Singapore, a man who made irresponsible and chauvinist remarks about women attracted lots of readers to his blog recently as news of his generalised statements spread in the local tabloids. In one of his blog entries, he reportedly compared local female actresses to prostitutes as he was convinced most of them have had paid sex through one means or another. He received harsh rebuke and censure from people from all walks of life, including a Member of Parliament. He became an overnight “sensation” for all the wrong reasons, but the negative responses to his comments are inconsequential as he got what he wants, publicity that is. Who knows? He might be making use of this opportunity to get his fifteen minutes of fame and glory. Generating lots of hoo-ha on your blog is a stunt that we can all leverage on to reach a wider range of audience.

Raising a huckus about an issue might also get you somewhere. For instance, the recent case of the blogger who complained about the decision that the Diners En Blanc organisers made to disinvite him from the event after he has professed that he will bring tau huay and chwee kuay to the venue. The decision to ban authentic local fare to the so-called “posh” picnic becomes a focal point of people’s attacks and an issue of contention. People start to take notice and pay attention to what is coming out of his blog (mainly food reviews). Previously, not many were aware of this blogger’s existence. Be as loud and bold as possible. This is the antic that Singaporean bloggers like to resort to. He became famous instantly. 

Focus on the current hot stuff. Discussing or even attacking certain personalities who are currently trending on most search engines throughout the world could help to create buzz for your blog as more people are likely to search for the person’s name. One way of going about this is simply to find out what are some of the top key words and phrases that have been coming up in recent searches.  

In general, if you are a novice blogger and do not know what to write, write about yourself, others, or anything that excites you. Focus your discussion on general issues and current topics that are interesting and relevant to people’s lives, but most importantly, it has to be something that you are passionate about. 

These are not foolproof techniques of getting you fans and followers on your blog, but they are certainly ways of attracting traffic to your site.

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