Friday, September 7, 2012

Promoting Your Website: 14 Shrewd Marketing Strategies

There are many ways to promote your website. Here are some of the ways you can get your website recognised by millions of internet users out there:

1. Contribute an article about your company to a free content provider like Wikipedia, linger in chatrooms, guestbooks, forums or discussion boards and offer your priceless advice to thousands of people in need of help on public information and opinion-sharing sites such as Yahoo Answers, Answerbag, Askville and Mylot.

2. Set up a company profile on websites such as Myspace or Facebook, which may help to grow, expand and widen your network of connections, this would ensure a guaranteed traffic to your site that otherwise mostly consists of regular and return readers.

3. Market your product through dropping informative comments on others' blogs, social-networking site profiles (on Friendster, Myspace, Facebook, Hi5, Bebo etc) and remember to include your web url on it, but just be careful not to end up becoming a nuisance for there is every danger that if you over-do that, you might be accused of being a spammer.

4. Contribute free-to-republish articles to websites like Articleworld, Articlebase and Articlecity. Expertscolumn, an India-based freelance writing site, even promises to pay you $1 per 1000 impressions for your article. This could be a great source of passive income for you if you enjoy writing.

5. Promote your services on websites offering relevant products, but are unlikely to serve as substitutes. For instance, if you are a social-networking website that offers the chance for people from different countries to mix around and engage in language exchange (some sort of language pal thing), you might consider marketing on a site like Facebook. It is easy for people to take notice of your ad if it is placed on the left-hand column. It would grab a user's attention immediately the moment it appears on his or her homepage. Since you are specialising in a niche area, there is no way any potential rivals or competitors can direct traffic away from you or rob you of your visitors.

6. Take part in free traffic exchange programs, which allow you to exchange links with other people so that they can put your ads up on their website while you do the same for them. If you are using Adbrite, you can also consider uploading your ad to Spott, a free link exchange spot. You just need to copy and paste and they will take care of the rest. Alternatively, you may want to check out sites like Traffic Exchange Directory and see what you can do from there. Also, try Freerelevantlinks, TrafficSwarm and Blogexplosion if you have the time.

7. Take note of websites that allow you to post free classified ads. If you are a fledging entrepreneur who has just established a business and is trying to prove your competence, this could be the most cost-effective way.

Here are three websites I sieved out from the zillions I can find

8. There are more ways of getting around this than you can think of. You can also join Google or Yahoo groups and allow people the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletters.

9. Search Engine Optimisation: Add your url to search engines to enable easy ferreting for your potential visitors. You can explore these by visiting SubmitExpress, Addme, EngineSeeker (they offer the solution of distributing your url to the many search engines and directories out there) or you may visit the homepage of websites like Google, Gigablast, Bing, MSN, Yahoo, Netscape,Tygo, Altavista, AOL, alltheweb and add them yourself. Also, you may want to add them to dmoz and read the articles on searchenginewatch. Use technorati tags if you wish. It may make it easier for web surfers to find your site.

10. Throw in controversial content to engage the young. Be loud, bold and eye-catching in your ad campaigns so as to catch the attention of people who would eventually go on to purchase your product.

11. Keep the interests of your current clientele in mind. If need be, ask them for their opinions and feedback before making any decisions. You may wish to conduct surveys and polls to find out what their preferences are.

12. Be aware of your target audience. For instance, if you are a social escort agency, you know your intended audience isn't teenage boys, but a more mature crowd who could afford to pay for your services. Suppose you are a high-class restaurant and is looking to hire staff whose main task is to wait on tables. Will you target your ad at fresh college graduates? You know you won't. So what you do is, you turn your attention to a group of foreign immigrants who are willing to work long hours for lower wages, and college students, who are eager to work part-time so as to earn their own keep. Such are the people you will need for your restaurant. Hence, you will need to tailor your ads carefully in a way that will encourage them to work for you. This is about ensuring that the right message hit the right people. Will you market your bluegrass music to a group of young punks who prefer anytime to listen to hip-hop instead? No. If you really wish to reach out to this potential consumer base, you might need to force yourself to produce records that appeal to them and their musical tastes. So change has to be in place. However, some companies refuse to limit themselves to predicting and following market trends, they prefer to set them instead. What I am saying is, in the metaphorical sense of the word, if you wish to reach both sides of the audience, you need to invent a new wave of music that mixes both bluegrass and hip-hop, if you could.

13. Do not work, let your blog work for you. If you are someone who is used to employing shrewd marketing strategies, you might wish to set up a blog and get your blog listed on Blogarama or some other blog directories. If you are already a blogger, you may wish to join bloggers' networking sites such as bloglog and blogcatalog to win yourself some fans in the blogosphere. Some of the more popular blogging engines out there include livejournal,wordpress (you can also add your url there for free at and eblogger. All of these can assist you in building your web presence, which is crucial for you to succeed. These are sure ways to help rake in money for your website.

14. A final precaution: Avoid placing too many ads on the same page as it would make your page slow to load. Also, minimise your usage of pop-ups and pop-under ads. Do not use more than one on one page.

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