Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bloggers take note: Loads of work-from-home opportunities

If you value your freedom to write what you want, you might find that been taken away from you once you sink deeper into stuff like pay per post. Sometimes, you are not allowed to say what you feel is right and have to constantly sing praises about the products of advertisers that sponsor your reviews. You cannot remove your posts without the permission of the person who pays you to write. It’s no longer about providing honest, objective opinions. You are made to write on topics that are of no interest to you in exchange for cold, hard cash. I have yet to try writing for any of the pay per post sites as I prefer to write for leisure, but if you are really interested and are good at writing reviews on just about everything from music to books to products you have used, you may want to check out the following list of websites (but please take note that I am not affiliated with any of these sites so I have nothing to earn from sharing these with you, it's just my hobby to do so:

1. Smorty - a website that allows you to earn money while writing reviews on a wide and diverse range of topics. First, you have to ensure that there is no adult-related material and pornographic content on your site to avoid getting rejected by the system. It's not easy at all to get in and you need to have a certain amount of traffic to your site.

2. Sponsoredreviews - a place where you bid for jobs by going straight to the advertisers. You have only up to 3 days to finish your job once they accept your application, and if you fail to do that, your account would be suspended for sure. You are allowed to set your own price but there are bound to be few takers for those who set unrealistically high prices for their blogs. It also depends on the standard of your writing.

3. Reviewme - a fairly decent site for people looking to do more with their blogs. The process of getting approved is a long one. They have really strict guidelines. It's not at all easy to get in. You need to have enough link popularity and traffic, or your site would be turned down. Also, make double sure you certify yourself to be the owner of the site you have submitted or your site might be suspected to be a fake. They pay according to what the advertisers are willing to offer. What you need to do first of all is to put your blog up for the advertisers to bid. My advice to you is not to set too high a price or your blog might be overlooked. You can start writing once your blog is accepted into their system, but before that, you need to go through quite a number of hurdles.

4. PayPerPost - One of the more popular pay per post sites out there, which pay its bloggers pretty good rates and allows them to gain some exposure for themselves through effective marketing.

5. Allreaders and Allwatchers - Both offer avid movie fans and book lovers the chance to gain exposure and earn extra cash for their efforts in writing about what they are interested in. You can write about everything you wish to. But like AssociatedContent, they pay on a pay per thousand views basis, which means you will earn according to the number of visitors you can get to the page that display your article. On AllWatchers, only commentaries written in the English language would be accepted.

6. Blogitive- If they deem your site inappropriate or just do not like what you have there, you are likely to face rejection. The guidelines on its site aren't that clear, but you first have to brush up the content of your site and keep it updated regularly.

7. Reviewparty- You are paid only for your reviews of the products that lead to eventual sales been made so you'd be lucky if those who read what you wrote goes on on to purchase the products from sites like Amazon and those listed on Google ads. It's an excellent site for affiliates of Amazon and it provides an alternative source for you to make money.

8. Softwarejudge- Review tech-related products and get paid for your efforts. The areas you can write on are strictly limited to the software available on the site itself. The minimum amount you can be paid is $200and you need to disclose your personal information before the payment can be delivered to you via Western Union.

9. Reviewtoearn - a site where you contribute reviews in exchange for free DVDs and the chance to earn extra cash (from $10 to $25 per review). It's easy to join and there are no entry restrictions at all. Furthermore, you need not necessarily have a guaranteed traffic to your site, and your job is simply to pen your thoughts on the DVDs you have viewed. It's also a great place to meet friends who share the same hobby as you, that is, writing reviews. But before you sign up, you have to be prepared to comment on adult-oriented content. If you are uncomfortable with this, then I'll urge you to strike this off your list.

10. Epinions - You earn while contributing your personal opinions about a company's products. It operates in almost the same way as Reviewparty, but it also depends on the number of views your article receives. The more the merrier.

11. Reviewstream: It is not worthwhile writing for Reviewstream even though they claim to pay you a maximum of $2 for each article that you wrote and that you are allowed to review everything from household items like electronics and cosmetics to travel and restaurants. Sometimes, they pay you a flat rate and sometimes they pay you a bulk rate. If your article doesn't meet some of their requirements, they will still pay you, but at the bulk rate, which often amounts to just a few cents. It might take a while before you can finally cash out the minimum $50 that they promise you. If you ever decide to write for Reviewstream, be careful not to repeat any of the stuff you wrote on your blog or personal website or your account might be terminated or closed down. They have this mini "vote" section at the bottom of each page, and each vote pays $0.10, so if you receive 10 votes, you get $1.00. One good thing about this website is that they are not very particular about grammatical mistakes, you just need to write about your personal experiences with the products you have used.

11. Blogsvertise - somewhat like Blogitive. It pays its writers regularly. If your blog is really good, you might be able to earn pretty much.

* All the above sites require that the articles submitted have to be original and must not be published anywhere else. Non-US residents are not eligible for upfront payments but they would continue to receive their royalties from the articles they wrote based on the impressions you get for your page.

* Please do spare a thought for the regular visitors to your blog. They might not feel good been bombarded with paid reviews when all they want is to read about your genuine opinions and to receive up-to-date information about the latest developments in your life.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Get paid to be a translator- Turn your language capability into an advantage

If you are interested in becoming a freelance translator, you might wish to take a look at the following websites:

Realtranslatorjobs - They offer rates ranging from $35 to $100 for the translation of text documents, short emails, song lyrics, audio conversations, passages from books and even movie subtitles. No experience is required to sign up for the jobs on offer. You get to work from anywhere in the world on a part-time or full-time basis and choose to be paid in either US dollars or in your own currency. Choosing to work for them gives you the room and flexibility to stretch your linguistic potential and develop a translation portfolio for yourself.

Language123 – A site that allows you to offer translation services for a fee. Fees are set by clients offering the assignments. It is completely free to sign up. You just need to upload your CV and samples of your work. It does not serve as an agent and therefore does not take any commission from the amount you earn. You can set up your profile in minutes and wait to receive assignments from clients who are eagerly looking for translators to help interpret their works or documents. Your advertisement is likely to be placed on the front page.

GoTranslators: Good for those who are proficient in European languages such as French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish as there are lots of such translator jobs waiting for you to accept at this site. It is definitely a bonus if you are good at writing in your own native tongue. Depending on the languages involved, as well as the length and complexity of the work, you will be paid differently. Prices range from as little as $0.06 to $0.12 euros per word. You just need to set up a profile and have clients come to you for consultation.

Translatorsbase: Where translation jobs are posted daily on the front page. You can respond to it by posting a resume of yourself and your relevant experience as a translator once you register with the site. You can create your own web page on Translatorbase, get free exposure, develop your web presence and get recognised for the works you have done. In addition, it also serves as a gathering place for linguists who get to exchange tips on how to be an efficient translator. Articles are posted every hour of the day.

TradUGuide: Every second, you would see a featured member on the front page of the website. Post your profile and expect to be hired by whoever is interested in securing your services. Alternatively, you can browse through the tonnes of job postings in the directory. While you have every right to turn down jobs that are offered to you, you can also bid for jobs in the marketplace. It's completely free to join too.

TranslatorCafe: One of the fastest ways you can get a job assignment. Job advertisements are aplenty and it provides room for you to be choosy as you get the chance to discriminate between those that you feel you are confident to handle and areas you are specializing in. Here, you will approach the advertisers, not the other way round. It matches professional and freelance translators and those with jobs to offer.

Proz: It is relatively easy to find a job within Proz. Its growing community exchanges opinions about translation resources, theories, practices and other stuff on its forum, where you can ask questions, boast your credentials or simply share your knowledge about translation and make friends with fellow linguists and interpreters. The website itself is available in many languages and contains lots of things you need to know about the business of translation. Not bad for people who are just starting on the path towards becoming a translator.

Euronet - a website that’s most suitable for multi-linguists interested in freelancing. Look for job opportunities on their website and contact them if you are excited about joining them. They are an established company that offers professional services to a global clientele. Hence, there is every possibility that they might reject applicants with few or no relevant experience in translating.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Is Neobux for real? Can you be convinced?

Neobux is a PTC site that pays its members a maximum of $0.02 just by clicking on the ads that are on display. Sounds tempting, isn't it? Amid widespread skepticism about the possibility of Neobux turning out to be a scam, there are many who are still signing up for it as it proves to be easy money. It has a higher Alexa ranking than similar PTC sites listed below. And you get the chance to earn a minimum of $2 per referral. Money would be sent to either your Alertpay or paypal account. Neobux is by far the site that offers the highest payouts to users.

AlterGoldbux grants a $0.50 bonus to every member that signs up. They are currently running 11 ads and has a total of 4000 + members. If you are unsure how much you will earn by clicking on the ads, you are likely to receive a max of $0.01 per click and $0.005 per referral click. You decide if it's worthwhile.

With DailyClicks, you sign up free and get paid for viewing advertisements. You can only be paid via Alertpay and nobody is allowed to have more than one account. Sometimes, there are no ad links at all to click. That is when you have to wait for advertisers' ads to be approved before they appear on your page. Those with premium membership are likely to enjoy "additional earning options" but the fees are exorbitant- $49.95 just for signing up and $5 monthly. The bad thing is, you have to wait for at least two months for payment to be delivered to your account.

Advercash is another site that allows you to earn extra cash. Like the rest of the sites listed above, it offers its members $0005-$0.01 per click. However, it promises to make available a huge base of ads for users to click on and ads are unlikely to be shown to the same users visiting the site. has been condemned by many of its users for its delayed payment. To earn a total of $2, if you do not take in account referrals, you would have to click up to 200 times. lol. That must be quite tiring.

For XClix, the rates are $0.01 per click for you, and the minimum payout is $10. Payments are made every day. Once you hit the minimum, you can expect to have the money delivered to your account straight away.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How to make a fortune out of selling on ebay

1. Select your items wisely. For instance, if you are planning to put up some old magazines for sale, the cover plays an important role in deciding sales of such publications. So do emphasise that, and include a photo of your product on the website. Products with photos sell better than those without one.

2. Take note of cyclical demand: For instance, try to find out from college students about the texts they are using for their classes. If they could not find the stipulated texts for their core modules in local bookstores due to limited stock, they would most probably try to find them online. That is when you can start to grab hold of the opportunity to make a clean profit.

3. The key thing is to establish a reputation for yourself of been a credible and responsible seller and always make an attempt to deliver what you promise. Do not exaggerate features of the product you are carrying so as to avoid disappointing the buyer. If you are able to sell quality products on ebay, people would keep coming back to buy from you and it is likely to generate business for you through word-of-mouth.

4. If you are new to ebay, start by selling to those near you, that is, cater directly to a local clientele before branching out to a global audience. This is likely to help you cut down on shipping costs and increase your profit margin. Find out what appeals to local shoppers so as to make it easier to match your products to their tastes.

5. Market your product on your own blog or website. Include a link to the page of your product on ebay.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Where to source for Adult PPC ads

AVNads offers the option of serving adult ads for publishers by matching advertisers with webmasters willing to sell adspace on their sites. If you wish to maximise your earnings, I would encourage you to opt for the full page commercial ads, which would be shown to visitors once they get to your site. It counts per impression so it is likely to boost your ad income. Altenatively, you can go the conventional route by choosing to put banner, text or even thumbnail ads. The best thing about AVNads is the variety of payment methods to choose from. You can get paid either by check (for US residents) or paypal (for residents outside of the US). And your newly added website is likely to be approved within at most 72 hours. Sometimes, it takes just a while for your site to be accepted. Whatever it is, AVN ads is certainly one of the few adult ad networks that can be counted upon for the smooth delivery of ad earnings to your account. In addition, publishers have the privilege to choose the ads they would like to run on their websites.

Adultadworld is an excellent site for publishers looking to maximise their ad income or revenue. They offer CPM banners, pop-unders, blind click and text ads and they pay pretty well. Also, you get the chance to earn extra when you manage to successfully refer someone to the site. Another thing about the site is that they are rather strict when it comes to fraud regulation and they strongly discourage the falsification of impressions. Another good thing about the site is that you will be paid once the money in your account reach $50, and there is no need for any minimum traffic level to join as a publisher. Also, they do not require the content on your website to be original.

Chitika is one PPC network that is relatively lenient in granting approval to sites that contain mild adult content, but sites with overtly explicit and provocative content on their pages are likely to be rejected. Their premium ads favors those with a massive traffic from the United States. In that case, people from countries outside of the US who do not have much content that appeals to American tastes might not benefit much from those ads. In this respect, US residents might have an edge over non-US residents. Not that those outside of the US might lose out. They can still earn from similar ads, provided they have the credentials and marketing brains. However, those ads are likely to be shown only to a selective group of people, that is, only those from the US.

Their eminimalls is somewhat like an e-store or online shopfront where you promote products from either ebay or Amazon in exchange for a commission. Everything depends on the sales you make. You just can't earn if your products can't sell. You have to put your ad code in an obvious and highly visible place on the site. It is simply pointless and futile if you put it right at the bottom of your site as nobody would notice it.

Alternatively, you might want to set up an Amazon A-store. Do check it out. It's quite a feasible solution when targetted at a specific audience.

Another thing about Chitika is its poor geographical and consumer targeting and there is a limitation to the range of ads you can choose from. Furthermore, the reports are not delivered to you promptly and they have also proven to be not very accurate.

Adengage is another ad firm that permits adult ads on its members' websites. Sometimes, bids can go up to as high as $0.50 per click. Top sites are featured on their front page so you may want to take a look at it first before twisting and matching your content to suit your advertisers. At the same time, you need to ensure that you do not compromise the interests of your visitors.

You can try Addistributor too. Theirs are mostly text ads. I won't suggest you sign up for Addistributor if you have yet to make an effort to do your own research about other ad networks, but I'll leave it up to you to decide.

Last but not least, check out Blacklabelads! They may be offering lower rates, but they are a reliable ad agency. Read more about Blacklabelads and its parent company Adbrite on my other post

Is Adbrite reliable?

With Adbrite, your ad would be published within 24 hours of setting up your account and you can start to earn once your zone was approved. They are quite prompt and accurate in their summary reports, and it is delivered at an efficient pace. They are nonetheless quite strict with sites where webowners are so motivated by monetary incentives that they have no qualms about showing multiple ads from various ad agencies. Adbrite displays a variety of ads for different visitors and those are pretty high-quality ads.

Many people have the impression that Adbrite serves adult ads to publishers, but this is not the case at all. They have an adult branch known as Blacklabelads. You may wish to check it out if you are dealing with adult-related material on your website. It's to do with behavior-targeting ads.

Advertisers, on the other hand, get to choose and control the ads that appear on the sites they desire so as to make sure they hit the targeted audience.

Bidvertiser - A Good Alternative to Adsense?

Bidvertiser claims to be one of the best PPC advertising networks out there that provides quick, timely, detailed and accurate reports about your earnings and statistics to your website. Despite complaints about Bidvertiser offering lower rates than its hugely popular rival Adsense, it offers at least a higher level of transparency (and security) than the latter. Honesty and integrity is what I look for in my hunt for reliable PPC advertisers. Therefore, I suggest you give Bidvertiser a try. It is hard to be convinced by Bidvertiser, especially with rampant rumours online about the firm cloaking links to deceive advertisers. Therefore, the best thing would be to find out for yourself whether there are any truths to such complaints. In fact, with Bidvertiser, advertisers have the luxury to pick the best sites for the display of their ads and it's certainly value-for-money while publishers stand to gain too. It's definitely a win-win situation. I am really impressed by their excellent ad targeting. Furthermore, ads would appear immediately on your website within seconds of setting up your ad zones so that you can start earning money as soon as possible. Depending on your performance and web content, sometimes bids can go up to as high as $4 or more per click. Also, what I like about Bidvertiser is that they pay through paypal, which is easy and convenient. Moreover, you can get paid sooner. You will receive payment as soon as your account hit a max of $10.

However, if you are looking to earn some quick bucks, I will advise you not to consider Bidvertiser as you are likely to witness a slow increment in the amount of money in your account. Also, do not be too quick to jump on the bandwagon as you are likely to suffer some setbacks if you get too impatient with it. I have heard that many of my friends got their accounts banned or terminated by Bidvertiser just when they are about to receive their first payout. Hence, I will urge you to be careful to consider the dangers involved in PPC advertising and to weigh the pros and cons before joining Bidvertiser.

Make Money from Adult Affiliate Programs

Forget about using Google Adsense if you have adult-oriented content on your site.

If you are an adult webmaster, here are some tips of how you can monetise your website with relevant ads:

1. Sign up with Adult Friendfinder as an affiliate. You will be paid a minimum of $1 each time someone signs up as a member. Depending on the scheme you are on, you may get up to 50 % (or more) of the earnings if you are able to direct a massive traffic of unique visitors to your website. One common payment method for adult affiliate programs is through Epassporte. Alternatively, you can choose to pay by check or some other means. You are able to promote all of their plans once you become part of their network of affiliate members. One tip for maximising your revenue as an affiliate is to put banners and posters all over your website, but try not to make it too obtrusive as it may kill the joy of visitors to your site, and achieve the opposite effect of making it an unpleasant experience for them. I have been to some adult sites with really in-your-face AFF ads that jumps up at you whenever you hover your mouse over them. All in all, AFF is a good try if you are looking to make some money from your website as they have rather good conversion rates. If you are a website with mature content that does not contain nudity, you might want to check out instead. It's more subtle and toned-down version of AFF, and is part of the Friendfinder family. offers the same way of monetising your site, that is, it depends on the amount of click-throughs generated.

2. If you have no knowledge whatever of creating a website and is looking forward to having your own free dating website, you may want to consider diydating. It is a UK-based website that gives its members a chance to build their own website in exchange for 50% of the revenue earned if you manage to refer someone to the website who would later go on to upgrade their accounts to paid status. Of course, you would then have to decide if it is worth it, whether what you are receiving is less than or just what you deserve. Afterall, you are the one in charge of setting up the website, you are the one who puts in all the hard work furnishing up everything so as to attract visitors to your site even though tools such as html editors are provided free-of-charge by the company. They do not offer payment through payment firms like paypal. Instead, their payment method involves depositing straight into your bank account, so British citizens are at an advantage over those from countries outside from the UK. The tempting promise of having a steady stream of income delivered to you without the need to work might be hard to resist, but do conduct your own cost-benefit analysis before plunging right into it. And you would have to be equipped with at least some marketing know-how before you decide to go ahead with affiliate marketing.

You may be eager to make the most out of your adult site, but please be careful to do your homework before you get tricked into signing up for any of those thousands of affiliate marketing scams and frauds frolicking on the World Wide Web.

Hope this helps. Best of luck to whoever is reading this!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Free Web Host Reviews

The inefficiency and unreliability of many free web hosts lies with their "here today, gone tommorrow" type of reputation. But there is still a proliferation of websites that offer such services in exchange for a simple favor of placing their banner ads on the website you are using.

Fishing for the best deals while looking for a free web host? Let me provide you with my own list of well-established hosts that offer web hosting services at no costs.


Description: Bravenet's excellent for beginners who know next to nothing about web design. They have all the webtools to get you started, and have just about everything you need for a website, from calendars and forums to classifieds and chat rooms. All you need is to copy and paste. You can even track and monitor the traffic to your site. In addition, they have extras like daily horoscopes, web cartoons, speaking characters and even password-protected pages. You can choose to use their freely available and ready-made templates or add your own customized layouts. Either way, you won’t stand to lose. For folks who simply do not wish to fork out a single cent for web hosting and yet are eager to own their own websites, they offer one of the best solutions ever. But if you wish to have better services you would need to pay for it. All in all, it’s easy to use and I would recommend you check it out and sign up for their services. I myself am pretty impressed and satisfied with their services.

Cost: From free to at most $12 per month

Rating: 4½ out of 5


Description: It’s one of the best free web hosts around. They have all the tools and software that support scripting or programming languages from php to ruby on rails and you need not worry even if you do not have any relevant expertise in web development. They have clear, step-by-step instructions in the form of video tutorials to guide you through the process of how to effectively make use of the services they offer. In addition, you can take full advantage of their in-built rvsite builder and get an efficient website up and running in no time. Also, the friendly administrators are always there to assist you in case you run into any problems. You can contact them through an email or simply post a thread on their community forums. They also offer sub-domains and add-ons. And one thing is for sure, they boast 100% uptime.

Each client is entitled to up to 3 web-based emails for those using the titanium package. All you need is to place an ad banner at the top of your home page to support their services. There are no file size limits, but from what I know, you are allowed a bandwidth limit of up to 15,000 MB per month. In fact, you can do whatever you want with your site, provided you do not post racially insensitive and adult-related content. You will at least be reminded when your account is about to be suspended or terminated. And you will definitely be informed of the reason so there is a fair amount of transparency there. I am fortunate enough to be a part of their community and I can testify to their fast and reliable services. Learn more about their various hosting plans, as well as the terms and conditions on their website

How you can apply: You just need to request for free hosting from their website. Your account would be created only upon approval by the company.

Cost: Free

Rating: 4 out of 5


Description: Its free service is for people who have not been hosted before and have no experience in setting up a website. No specific scripting is enabled. However, users have to at least know something about html coding. Also, the home page can be slow to load at times, as opposed to those enjoying paid plans, and it can get really frustrating sometimes. And you are forever encouraged to go pro". Those on free web hosting plans do not have access to a proper MySQL database. In short, it does not offer the service of free data and information storage. However, it is not strictly limited to English-language sites. You can set up websites in any languages, but what you can actually do with your website is in fact very limited. For its paid hosting plans, you can choose to pay through paypal, which I feel, is quite a convenient payment method.

How you can apply: Through signing up from their home page

Cost: Ranging from free to a few dollars per month

Rating: 2 ½ out of 5


Description: This is another website that provides free web hosting in ruby on rails and javascript. It has been used by programming professionals and beginners alike. But I guess you'd need to possess a certain level of admin knowledge in order to fully make use of their site (I was quite confused when I first started out; I was dabbling in Rails programming stuff when I discovered this website). They do provide web videos that show you how to navigate through their website and find your way around the seemingly complicated layout, helping you through the process of deployment and so on. One clear advantage they have over other free web hosts is they offer a space storage of 1GB at the very least for customers who are using free plans. Sub-domains are also freely available. Alternatively, you can use your own domain name.

How you can apply: Through their website, where there is a table informing you about the pricing offers.

Cost: Ranging from completely free to a few thousands a year

Rating: 3 out of 5


000webhost is great for novice web developers with absolutely zero knowledge of html codes, php, javascript and other programming jargon. They have two amazing and easy-to-use website builders that could help you set up professional-looking and dynamic sites within a few hours. If you have the content ready, you can just copy and paste them onto the ready-made templates. It’s even better than blogging. You have a webmail through which your visitors can contact you, and if you need to receive, process and analyse data, they have a MySQL in place through which you can easily store and manage information. You also get 1500 MB of disk space and 100 GB bandwidth. They have a personalised touch to their services, which is what I like about them. As soon as you sign up for their services, you will receive an email from the friendly administrators asking if you need any help, guidance and support. If you run into any problems, you just need to submit a ticket, and they will respond to you in less than 5 hours, which is pretty fast and efficient for a free web hosting provider. Alternatively, you could inform them about the difficulties you’ve had with your website by posting a thread on their forum. They are even more reliable and trustworthy than any of those paid web hosts that I have tried in the past. If you have a busy schedule and hardly have time to maintain your website, 000webhost is perfect for you as it saves you the cost, time and effort needed to design your web pages. You can simply select from any of their freely available templates. They offer a wide and eclectic array of templates for all kinds of purposes, from hobbies to businesses. You can also choose to modify and edit the layout, design and structure of the template to suit your liking. In short, they provide free web space with all the web hosting tools you could possibly ever need.

Another advantage is that 000webhost doesn’t require you to put up an ad banner on your website to promote their services for them, unlike most other web hosts. They don’t force users to market their services for them. Their service is also special in that there is no limit as to how many web domains you can have. If you are looking for a fuss-free and painless experience, join now.

How you can apply: You can register here

Cost: From free to an affordable fee of $4.84 per month.

Rating: 4½ out of 5

Get paid to write

If you are looking to earn extra income, you may consider penning free-to-republish articles for Triond, Helium, and AssociatedContent. For AssociatedContent, you can be paid a minimum of $1.50 per thousand views, and if you are fortunate enough, you may be able to receive an upfront payment of no more than $10 for your article. But sometimes, you get nothing at all, depending on your content. For aspiring freelance writers who are eager to promote their personal blogs and websites, you can try writing for ezinearticles instead. It’s an excellent website, as it contains the possibility of luring millions of readers to your site, without you having to fork out a single cent for promotion through the placement of advertisements, and it certainly allows you to market your talents to the world. However, those with out-of-date information are likely to be tossed out after a period of 6 months. But you’d be lucky if the content you wrote is picked up and republished on other sites, with links to your website, which, in some instances, may be put on display for an indefinite period of time. Ezinearticles require its writers to submit unique and original articles in exchange for greater exposure to their websites. But you have to be prepared to write for free. In the end, it’s all worthwhile for those who have seen a spike in the number of visitors to their websites ever since they start contributing to Ezinearticles. It is slightly different on AssociatedContent, where you can only republish the headlines and a summary of the article. After which, you need to link the article back to the original one on its main website. The motive of it all is to drive greater traffic to AssociatedContent itself. Nevertheless, it is always wise to contribute. You can place a link to your personal blog or website at the end of your article if you aim to increase visitors to your site.