Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bloggers take note: Loads of work-from-home opportunities

If you value your freedom to write what you want, you might find that been taken away from you once you sink deeper into stuff like pay per post. Sometimes, you are not allowed to say what you feel is right and have to constantly sing praises about the products of advertisers that sponsor your reviews. You cannot remove your posts without the permission of the person who pays you to write. It’s no longer about providing honest, objective opinions. You are made to write on topics that are of no interest to you in exchange for cold, hard cash. I have yet to try writing for any of the pay per post sites as I prefer to write for leisure, but if you are really interested and are good at writing reviews on just about everything from music to books to products you have used, you may want to check out the following list of websites (but please take note that I am not affiliated with any of these sites so I have nothing to earn from sharing these with you, it's just my hobby to do so:

1. Smorty - a website that allows you to earn money while writing reviews on a wide and diverse range of topics. First, you have to ensure that there is no adult-related material and pornographic content on your site to avoid getting rejected by the system. It's not easy at all to get in and you need to have a certain amount of traffic to your site.

2. Sponsoredreviews - a place where you bid for jobs by going straight to the advertisers. You have only up to 3 days to finish your job once they accept your application, and if you fail to do that, your account would be suspended for sure. You are allowed to set your own price but there are bound to be few takers for those who set unrealistically high prices for their blogs. It also depends on the standard of your writing.

3. Reviewme - a fairly decent site for people looking to do more with their blogs. The process of getting approved is a long one. They have really strict guidelines. It's not at all easy to get in. You need to have enough link popularity and traffic, or your site would be turned down. Also, make double sure you certify yourself to be the owner of the site you have submitted or your site might be suspected to be a fake. They pay according to what the advertisers are willing to offer. What you need to do first of all is to put your blog up for the advertisers to bid. My advice to you is not to set too high a price or your blog might be overlooked. You can start writing once your blog is accepted into their system, but before that, you need to go through quite a number of hurdles.

4. PayPerPost - One of the more popular pay per post sites out there, which pay its bloggers pretty good rates and allows them to gain some exposure for themselves through effective marketing.

5. Allreaders and Allwatchers - Both offer avid movie fans and book lovers the chance to gain exposure and earn extra cash for their efforts in writing about what they are interested in. You can write about everything you wish to. But like AssociatedContent, they pay on a pay per thousand views basis, which means you will earn according to the number of visitors you can get to the page that display your article. On AllWatchers, only commentaries written in the English language would be accepted.

6. Blogitive- If they deem your site inappropriate or just do not like what you have there, you are likely to face rejection. The guidelines on its site aren't that clear, but you first have to brush up the content of your site and keep it updated regularly.

7. Reviewparty- You are paid only for your reviews of the products that lead to eventual sales been made so you'd be lucky if those who read what you wrote goes on on to purchase the products from sites like Amazon and those listed on Google ads. It's an excellent site for affiliates of Amazon and it provides an alternative source for you to make money.

8. Softwarejudge- Review tech-related products and get paid for your efforts. The areas you can write on are strictly limited to the software available on the site itself. The minimum amount you can be paid is $200and you need to disclose your personal information before the payment can be delivered to you via Western Union.

9. Reviewtoearn - a site where you contribute reviews in exchange for free DVDs and the chance to earn extra cash (from $10 to $25 per review). It's easy to join and there are no entry restrictions at all. Furthermore, you need not necessarily have a guaranteed traffic to your site, and your job is simply to pen your thoughts on the DVDs you have viewed. It's also a great place to meet friends who share the same hobby as you, that is, writing reviews. But before you sign up, you have to be prepared to comment on adult-oriented content. If you are uncomfortable with this, then I'll urge you to strike this off your list.

10. Epinions - You earn while contributing your personal opinions about a company's products. It operates in almost the same way as Reviewparty, but it also depends on the number of views your article receives. The more the merrier.

11. Reviewstream: It is not worthwhile writing for Reviewstream even though they claim to pay you a maximum of $2 for each article that you wrote and that you are allowed to review everything from household items like electronics and cosmetics to travel and restaurants. Sometimes, they pay you a flat rate and sometimes they pay you a bulk rate. If your article doesn't meet some of their requirements, they will still pay you, but at the bulk rate, which often amounts to just a few cents. It might take a while before you can finally cash out the minimum $50 that they promise you. If you ever decide to write for Reviewstream, be careful not to repeat any of the stuff you wrote on your blog or personal website or your account might be terminated or closed down. They have this mini "vote" section at the bottom of each page, and each vote pays $0.10, so if you receive 10 votes, you get $1.00. One good thing about this website is that they are not very particular about grammatical mistakes, you just need to write about your personal experiences with the products you have used.

11. Blogsvertise - somewhat like Blogitive. It pays its writers regularly. If your blog is really good, you might be able to earn pretty much.

* All the above sites require that the articles submitted have to be original and must not be published anywhere else. Non-US residents are not eligible for upfront payments but they would continue to receive their royalties from the articles they wrote based on the impressions you get for your page.

* Please do spare a thought for the regular visitors to your blog. They might not feel good been bombarded with paid reviews when all they want is to read about your genuine opinions and to receive up-to-date information about the latest developments in your life.


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