Friday, August 8, 2008

Get paid to be a translator- Turn your language capability into an advantage

If you are interested in becoming a freelance translator, you might wish to take a look at the following websites:

Realtranslatorjobs - They offer rates ranging from $35 to $100 for the translation of text documents, short emails, song lyrics, audio conversations, passages from books and even movie subtitles. No experience is required to sign up for the jobs on offer. You get to work from anywhere in the world on a part-time or full-time basis and choose to be paid in either US dollars or in your own currency. Choosing to work for them gives you the room and flexibility to stretch your linguistic potential and develop a translation portfolio for yourself.

Language123 – A site that allows you to offer translation services for a fee. Fees are set by clients offering the assignments. It is completely free to sign up. You just need to upload your CV and samples of your work. It does not serve as an agent and therefore does not take any commission from the amount you earn. You can set up your profile in minutes and wait to receive assignments from clients who are eagerly looking for translators to help interpret their works or documents. Your advertisement is likely to be placed on the front page.

GoTranslators: Good for those who are proficient in European languages such as French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish as there are lots of such translator jobs waiting for you to accept at this site. It is definitely a bonus if you are good at writing in your own native tongue. Depending on the languages involved, as well as the length and complexity of the work, you will be paid differently. Prices range from as little as $0.06 to $0.12 euros per word. You just need to set up a profile and have clients come to you for consultation.

Translatorsbase: Where translation jobs are posted daily on the front page. You can respond to it by posting a resume of yourself and your relevant experience as a translator once you register with the site. You can create your own web page on Translatorbase, get free exposure, develop your web presence and get recognised for the works you have done. In addition, it also serves as a gathering place for linguists who get to exchange tips on how to be an efficient translator. Articles are posted every hour of the day.

TradUGuide: Every second, you would see a featured member on the front page of the website. Post your profile and expect to be hired by whoever is interested in securing your services. Alternatively, you can browse through the tonnes of job postings in the directory. While you have every right to turn down jobs that are offered to you, you can also bid for jobs in the marketplace. It's completely free to join too.

TranslatorCafe: One of the fastest ways you can get a job assignment. Job advertisements are aplenty and it provides room for you to be choosy as you get the chance to discriminate between those that you feel you are confident to handle and areas you are specializing in. Here, you will approach the advertisers, not the other way round. It matches professional and freelance translators and those with jobs to offer.

Proz: It is relatively easy to find a job within Proz. Its growing community exchanges opinions about translation resources, theories, practices and other stuff on its forum, where you can ask questions, boast your credentials or simply share your knowledge about translation and make friends with fellow linguists and interpreters. The website itself is available in many languages and contains lots of things you need to know about the business of translation. Not bad for people who are just starting on the path towards becoming a translator.

Euronet - a website that’s most suitable for multi-linguists interested in freelancing. Look for job opportunities on their website and contact them if you are excited about joining them. They are an established company that offers professional services to a global clientele. Hence, there is every possibility that they might reject applicants with few or no relevant experience in translating.


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