Sunday, August 3, 2008

Make Money from Adult Affiliate Programs

Forget about using Google Adsense if you have adult-oriented content on your site.

If you are an adult webmaster, here are some tips of how you can monetise your website with relevant ads:

1. Sign up with Adult Friendfinder as an affiliate. You will be paid a minimum of $1 each time someone signs up as a member. Depending on the scheme you are on, you may get up to 50 % (or more) of the earnings if you are able to direct a massive traffic of unique visitors to your website. One common payment method for adult affiliate programs is through Epassporte. Alternatively, you can choose to pay by check or some other means. You are able to promote all of their plans once you become part of their network of affiliate members. One tip for maximising your revenue as an affiliate is to put banners and posters all over your website, but try not to make it too obtrusive as it may kill the joy of visitors to your site, and achieve the opposite effect of making it an unpleasant experience for them. I have been to some adult sites with really in-your-face AFF ads that jumps up at you whenever you hover your mouse over them. All in all, AFF is a good try if you are looking to make some money from your website as they have rather good conversion rates. If you are a website with mature content that does not contain nudity, you might want to check out instead. It's more subtle and toned-down version of AFF, and is part of the Friendfinder family. offers the same way of monetising your site, that is, it depends on the amount of click-throughs generated.

2. If you have no knowledge whatever of creating a website and is looking forward to having your own free dating website, you may want to consider diydating. It is a UK-based website that gives its members a chance to build their own website in exchange for 50% of the revenue earned if you manage to refer someone to the website who would later go on to upgrade their accounts to paid status. Of course, you would then have to decide if it is worth it, whether what you are receiving is less than or just what you deserve. Afterall, you are the one in charge of setting up the website, you are the one who puts in all the hard work furnishing up everything so as to attract visitors to your site even though tools such as html editors are provided free-of-charge by the company. They do not offer payment through payment firms like paypal. Instead, their payment method involves depositing straight into your bank account, so British citizens are at an advantage over those from countries outside from the UK. The tempting promise of having a steady stream of income delivered to you without the need to work might be hard to resist, but do conduct your own cost-benefit analysis before plunging right into it. And you would have to be equipped with at least some marketing know-how before you decide to go ahead with affiliate marketing.

You may be eager to make the most out of your adult site, but please be careful to do your homework before you get tricked into signing up for any of those thousands of affiliate marketing scams and frauds frolicking on the World Wide Web.

Hope this helps. Best of luck to whoever is reading this!


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