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Free Web Host Reviews

The inefficiency and unreliability of many free web hosts lies with their "here today, gone tommorrow" type of reputation. But there is still a proliferation of websites that offer such services in exchange for a simple favor of placing their banner ads on the website you are using.

Fishing for the best deals while looking for a free web host? Let me provide you with my own list of well-established hosts that offer web hosting services at no costs.


Description: Bravenet's excellent for beginners who know next to nothing about web design. They have all the webtools to get you started, and have just about everything you need for a website, from calendars and forums to classifieds and chat rooms. All you need is to copy and paste. You can even track and monitor the traffic to your site. In addition, they have extras like daily horoscopes, web cartoons, speaking characters and even password-protected pages. You can choose to use their freely available and ready-made templates or add your own customized layouts. Either way, you won’t stand to lose. For folks who simply do not wish to fork out a single cent for web hosting and yet are eager to own their own websites, they offer one of the best solutions ever. But if you wish to have better services you would need to pay for it. All in all, it’s easy to use and I would recommend you check it out and sign up for their services. I myself am pretty impressed and satisfied with their services.

Cost: From free to at most $12 per month

Rating: 4½ out of 5


Description: It’s one of the best free web hosts around. They have all the tools and software that support scripting or programming languages from php to ruby on rails and you need not worry even if you do not have any relevant expertise in web development. They have clear, step-by-step instructions in the form of video tutorials to guide you through the process of how to effectively make use of the services they offer. In addition, you can take full advantage of their in-built rvsite builder and get an efficient website up and running in no time. Also, the friendly administrators are always there to assist you in case you run into any problems. You can contact them through an email or simply post a thread on their community forums. They also offer sub-domains and add-ons. And one thing is for sure, they boast 100% uptime.

Each client is entitled to up to 3 web-based emails for those using the titanium package. All you need is to place an ad banner at the top of your home page to support their services. There are no file size limits, but from what I know, you are allowed a bandwidth limit of up to 15,000 MB per month. In fact, you can do whatever you want with your site, provided you do not post racially insensitive and adult-related content. You will at least be reminded when your account is about to be suspended or terminated. And you will definitely be informed of the reason so there is a fair amount of transparency there. I am fortunate enough to be a part of their community and I can testify to their fast and reliable services. Learn more about their various hosting plans, as well as the terms and conditions on their website

How you can apply: You just need to request for free hosting from their website. Your account would be created only upon approval by the company.

Cost: Free

Rating: 4 out of 5


Description: Its free service is for people who have not been hosted before and have no experience in setting up a website. No specific scripting is enabled. However, users have to at least know something about html coding. Also, the home page can be slow to load at times, as opposed to those enjoying paid plans, and it can get really frustrating sometimes. And you are forever encouraged to go pro". Those on free web hosting plans do not have access to a proper MySQL database. In short, it does not offer the service of free data and information storage. However, it is not strictly limited to English-language sites. You can set up websites in any languages, but what you can actually do with your website is in fact very limited. For its paid hosting plans, you can choose to pay through paypal, which I feel, is quite a convenient payment method.

How you can apply: Through signing up from their home page

Cost: Ranging from free to a few dollars per month

Rating: 2 ½ out of 5


Description: This is another website that provides free web hosting in ruby on rails and javascript. It has been used by programming professionals and beginners alike. But I guess you'd need to possess a certain level of admin knowledge in order to fully make use of their site (I was quite confused when I first started out; I was dabbling in Rails programming stuff when I discovered this website). They do provide web videos that show you how to navigate through their website and find your way around the seemingly complicated layout, helping you through the process of deployment and so on. One clear advantage they have over other free web hosts is they offer a space storage of 1GB at the very least for customers who are using free plans. Sub-domains are also freely available. Alternatively, you can use your own domain name.

How you can apply: Through their website, where there is a table informing you about the pricing offers.

Cost: Ranging from completely free to a few thousands a year

Rating: 3 out of 5


000webhost is great for novice web developers with absolutely zero knowledge of html codes, php, javascript and other programming jargon. They have two amazing and easy-to-use website builders that could help you set up professional-looking and dynamic sites within a few hours. If you have the content ready, you can just copy and paste them onto the ready-made templates. It’s even better than blogging. You have a webmail through which your visitors can contact you, and if you need to receive, process and analyse data, they have a MySQL in place through which you can easily store and manage information. You also get 1500 MB of disk space and 100 GB bandwidth. They have a personalised touch to their services, which is what I like about them. As soon as you sign up for their services, you will receive an email from the friendly administrators asking if you need any help, guidance and support. If you run into any problems, you just need to submit a ticket, and they will respond to you in less than 5 hours, which is pretty fast and efficient for a free web hosting provider. Alternatively, you could inform them about the difficulties you’ve had with your website by posting a thread on their forum. They are even more reliable and trustworthy than any of those paid web hosts that I have tried in the past. If you have a busy schedule and hardly have time to maintain your website, 000webhost is perfect for you as it saves you the cost, time and effort needed to design your web pages. You can simply select from any of their freely available templates. They offer a wide and eclectic array of templates for all kinds of purposes, from hobbies to businesses. You can also choose to modify and edit the layout, design and structure of the template to suit your liking. In short, they provide free web space with all the web hosting tools you could possibly ever need.

Another advantage is that 000webhost doesn’t require you to put up an ad banner on your website to promote their services for them, unlike most other web hosts. They don’t force users to market their services for them. Their service is also special in that there is no limit as to how many web domains you can have. If you are looking for a fuss-free and painless experience, join now.

How you can apply: You can register here

Cost: From free to an affordable fee of $4.84 per month.

Rating: 4½ out of 5


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