Sunday, August 3, 2008

Where to source for Adult PPC ads

AVNads offers the option of serving adult ads for publishers by matching advertisers with webmasters willing to sell adspace on their sites. If you wish to maximise your earnings, I would encourage you to opt for the full page commercial ads, which would be shown to visitors once they get to your site. It counts per impression so it is likely to boost your ad income. Altenatively, you can go the conventional route by choosing to put banner, text or even thumbnail ads. The best thing about AVNads is the variety of payment methods to choose from. You can get paid either by check (for US residents) or paypal (for residents outside of the US). And your newly added website is likely to be approved within at most 72 hours. Sometimes, it takes just a while for your site to be accepted. Whatever it is, AVN ads is certainly one of the few adult ad networks that can be counted upon for the smooth delivery of ad earnings to your account. In addition, publishers have the privilege to choose the ads they would like to run on their websites.

Adultadworld is an excellent site for publishers looking to maximise their ad income or revenue. They offer CPM banners, pop-unders, blind click and text ads and they pay pretty well. Also, you get the chance to earn extra when you manage to successfully refer someone to the site. Another thing about the site is that they are rather strict when it comes to fraud regulation and they strongly discourage the falsification of impressions. Another good thing about the site is that you will be paid once the money in your account reach $50, and there is no need for any minimum traffic level to join as a publisher. Also, they do not require the content on your website to be original.

Chitika is one PPC network that is relatively lenient in granting approval to sites that contain mild adult content, but sites with overtly explicit and provocative content on their pages are likely to be rejected. Their premium ads favors those with a massive traffic from the United States. In that case, people from countries outside of the US who do not have much content that appeals to American tastes might not benefit much from those ads. In this respect, US residents might have an edge over non-US residents. Not that those outside of the US might lose out. They can still earn from similar ads, provided they have the credentials and marketing brains. However, those ads are likely to be shown only to a selective group of people, that is, only those from the US.

Their eminimalls is somewhat like an e-store or online shopfront where you promote products from either ebay or Amazon in exchange for a commission. Everything depends on the sales you make. You just can't earn if your products can't sell. You have to put your ad code in an obvious and highly visible place on the site. It is simply pointless and futile if you put it right at the bottom of your site as nobody would notice it.

Alternatively, you might want to set up an Amazon A-store. Do check it out. It's quite a feasible solution when targetted at a specific audience.

Another thing about Chitika is its poor geographical and consumer targeting and there is a limitation to the range of ads you can choose from. Furthermore, the reports are not delivered to you promptly and they have also proven to be not very accurate.

Adengage is another ad firm that permits adult ads on its members' websites. Sometimes, bids can go up to as high as $0.50 per click. Top sites are featured on their front page so you may want to take a look at it first before twisting and matching your content to suit your advertisers. At the same time, you need to ensure that you do not compromise the interests of your visitors.

You can try Addistributor too. Theirs are mostly text ads. I won't suggest you sign up for Addistributor if you have yet to make an effort to do your own research about other ad networks, but I'll leave it up to you to decide.

Last but not least, check out Blacklabelads! They may be offering lower rates, but they are a reliable ad agency. Read more about Blacklabelads and its parent company Adbrite on my other post


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